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The Humboldt Fringe Festival


Welcome to Humboldt Fringe, brought to you by The Vault!

Did you know that Humboldt County is home to some of the most talented performing artists in California? Per capita, our county of only 150k people boasts the highest percentage of performing artists of just about anywhere you’ll visit in the United States!

This amazing pool of talent has led to more community theatre companies, music venues, and visual arts galleries. Add to this our amazing surrounding natural beauty, and you have the perfect vacation destination, and an absolutely perfect place for local residents to live and work.

Starting in September 25th-29th of 2019, The Vault, a Eureka based entertainment space, is proud to announce the inaugural launch of the Humboldt Theatre Fringe Festival. This historic event will take place September 25th, 26th,27th, 28th, and 29th, in Eureka, at many great local venues.

This fringe festival is FREE to register for as a performer or group. This festival is FREE for venues to register for as well.

Register now to join to be a founding member of The Humboldt Fringe Festival! By creating a profile now you can begin connecting to performers, venues, and sponsors right away. As a performer you can peruse the many venues and contact the ones you imagine would be best suited for your show. As a venue you can peruse the many performers and connected with the ones you would love to see performed at your business. as a sponsor you can peruse the many venues and performances and pick the ones you would like to support and have support your business. Any local business that want to create give away gift bags during the festival please contact us.    [email protected]

Amazing Live Theatre~ Drama, Comedy, Classics, and Improv Performances!

International and Local productions Brought to Our Many Amazing Venues in Old Town Eureka, CA.



Children’s Theatre

International and Local Productions

Workshops and Classes

Workshops and classes around Acting, Improv, Dance, Theatre History, transformational play and movement, and ways to create Impactful performances.

Tickets and Performance Schedule coming soon!

Humboldt Fringe Festival 2019

September 25th-29th

In addition to the amazing Theatre Performances there will be:




Live music and DJ Dancing at local  Bars and Pubs.